Ever since meeting Phil a common theme has appeared He Loves diving, not likes Phil LOVES diving, and as much as he loves diving he loves to talk about diving. So with he constant pestering and a desire to try it out properly... (I now own a dive watch!).

John started his open watercourse with Nam (the shop manager and best instructor). We did some of the skills you have to learn. The mask removal, which is not very nice. John hated it. I had to confirm John to finish the day and make a decession on if he wanted to continue. After two more days of being PADIed with both Phil and Nam teaching. John finished his open water and being alot better than the other open water student Travis and he had more dives under his belt.

The Saturday the day before we left. We had a heavy session on the beer we were ment to meet up with some of the dive people but they did not turn up and Phil only sent the message out that day. We met up with Michelle and Dee (Phils old lesbian flatmates). A good night of drinking was had. Sam did not meet up with us but we were in the same pub but it was a loud and we were at the bar.

The day we left. Hung over and having to pack dont make for a good morning. We headed to Noosa but only for 10 minutes until Steve rang and asked for his keys back doh! After the aborted start and a stop for gas we were on our way to Noosa. We have pictures of the beach at dusk very nice. It too us about an hour to find the hostel and when still recovering not to good.

We stayed at a nice hostel (Noosa backpackers resort), which they gave us a room to are self. I taught John Shithead. Or should I say a very attractive scouse girl did.(she was a grand master).

We moved to Harvey Bay. We booked the Fraser Island trip which we got a good discount on. It was the kingfisher trip. We chilled out on the beach and then though lets get a hostel. We looked in the travel bible again (Lonley Planet). We found a place that would give free breakfast and with haveing to get up early to go to Fraser island phil thought it as a good idea. This was a gem of a hostel only 6 people that night staying and the hospitaltiy was great but the room was freezing and they only gave us a thin sheet each. We played shithead with two dutch farmowners and a swiss guy. He said fraser was awesome and the weather was great. All in all we were starting to think we were going to have a excellent time on Fraiser Island. Phil even managed to get his 24 fix only one more episode left now.