About Linux tux the penguin

I first came across Linux in 1998 trying out Slackware and Mandrake. I hated them, coming from a Windows world it all seemed so difficult and pointless. Whilst at university and working as a system administrator for Wilmslow High. I have re-apraised my view and gained a lot more experience. These days I think Linux is wonderful!

I AM NOT A LINUX EXPERT, I just learned a bit here and there while setting up my server. The following are some of the services I have setup on linux so far this is partly to refresh my memory if I need to make changes and partly to help whoever is reading this document.

If you wondering at this moment whether I actually use linux heres an answer of sorts all my websites are built in using vi from scratch, I have 3 linux computers running Gentoo Debian. In the past I have tried SuSE Mandrake Redhat and Slackware all with various degrees of success. The services I run include ssh, samba, apache, iptables (sharing my adsl connection, nis, nfs, sendmail, cyrus imap and squid.

I am a Registered Linux user #259273 and I encourage you to register as well because the more registered users the more notice hardware companies will take of Linux. Registered Linux user #259273, Machines #143077, #166426 and #200490.

Registered Linux user #259273