OZ Adventure

The Journey Begins Sydney

I first went to Australia after finishing the final year of my degree in 2003. The trip lasted three months, during which time I traveled up the East Coast. From Sydney, North to Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, Noosa, Rockhampton, Townsville, Mission Beach, Cairns, Alice Springs, Coober Pede, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra then back to Sydney. During which time I met a load of nice people learned to dive, drove for more miles than I care to remember, and generally enjoyed myself. You can see the pictures and read some of stories here.

Second Trip

The next opportunity to travel was in 2004 when Ian and his girlfriend Faye kindly invited me to join them on a trip to visit Paul Aiden. Also joining us on the trip would be Dan Jonson. It was only going to be a short stopover because Faye needed to get back to college and neither Dan or I could take too much time off of work. Due to the constraints of time we covered less ground this time but managed to cram in more partying and entertainment, no more diving though :-( Check out the pictures here.